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LookBookLA reports on fierce models in hot designer outfits walking down the runway! Fashion journalists have eyes of anticipation walking down the Internet highway. Well LookBookLA and Parris Harris have found someone who does both. Designing hot outfits for the runway and writing yummy articles for her blog, LA Fashion Snob, is no other than the multi-talented Heather Petrey!

Parris Harris: Heather nice to re-meet you! In the new Tim Burton movie “Alice in Wonderland,” coming out in March, which character do you think is the biggest fashion snob?
Heather Petrey: I would have to say the Queen of Hearts… In her picture, she looks like a very high-fashion snob.

Parris Harris: So in “Heather in Blog Land” for which news article did you meet the biggest fashion snob?
Heather Petrey: I would have to say during the FGILA “Designers & Muses” event… there were a lot of fashion snobs there…

Parris Harris: What you got coming up for LA Fashion Week?
Heather Petrey: Well Parris, I hope to be doing shows with you and hopefully others. And of course, attending more of the hottest LAFW shows as well. ;)

Parris Harris: What’s the inspiration behind LA Fashion Snob?
Heather Petrey: Honestly, I really didn’t have an inspiration for putting together my blog. I was attending a craft fair and thought, “hey, I would love to write about this event and talk about the vendors…” and so LA Fashion Snob was born!

Parris Harris: Are there fashion snobs in LA?
Heather Petrey: Of course! Everywhere… I feel that we are all fashion snobs because we all tend to critique each other.

Parris Harris: What has been your fav article?
Heather Petrey: I would have to say “Designers and Muses” because I met so many of the designers that I’ve only read about and dreamed about meeting.

Parris Harris: What has been your most scandalous article?
Heather Petrey: I don’t think I have a scandalous article at the moment… except when I made it known about the inadequate service at Les Deux at the Lauren-Elaine show.

Parris Harris: Particularly who are the best dressers?
Heather Petrey: I would say the people who attend the fashion shows.

Parris Harris: Is this what you wanted to do when you were a little fashionista?
Heather Petrey: I wanted to be a fashion designer… I loved reading all the magazines with the red carpet pix of the celebs and decided that’s what I wanted to do… and of course I still do. :) But I decided to branch out and discover various aspects of the industry, which led to blogging – and I love it!

Parris Harris: What magazines do you luvvvvvvvvv?
Heather Petrey: I love the tabloids… they seem to give me more inspiration.

Parris Harris: What blog do you look up too?
Heather Petrey: Style Bubble is one of my favorite fashion blogs based in London.

Parris Harris: What’s coming up for your fashion blog?
Heather Petrey: I hope to complete the Decades two article, and celebrity stylist Reinaldo Irizarry and the Micha Designs interviews… then I hope to attend more fashion events… so all you fashionistas out there – if you have events/runway shows coming up, please send info to heather@lafashionsnob.com.

Parris Harris: Name any celebs that you have interviewed?
Heather Petrey: The only celeb really is Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon for the Decades two article… then I’ve interviewed well known designers – Sue Wong, Meghan Fabulous, Magid Bernard, Lauren-Elaine, Jazmin Whitley, Batani-Khalfani, Kristinit, etc… But I’m working on getting more celebs interviewed.

Parris Harris: Why should we click to LA Fashion Snob daily?
Heather Petrey: Because LA Fashion Snob is always changing and I’m going to be posting a lot more content… So stay tuned!

Quick go to LAFASHIONSNOB.com now!

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