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Here on LookBookLA, I’ve organized and posted information about the fashion industry for you to enjoy. I’ve been working in the fashion business for over ten years learning about every aspect of the industry along the way. Most of all I saw a lot of young fashion houses unsure of how to brand themselves in a competitive market – so I came up with LookBookLA: The industry’s source for fashion in Los Angeles. Please explore the tabs above and let me know how I can help you.

LookBookLA represents Los Angeles designers along with national and international designers that want to further their representation in LA. Always on the cutting edge of style, LookBookLA holds the highest standard of creativity, enhancing the fashion marketplace. LookBookLA entices buyers for boutiques and department stores to place wholesale orders. LookBookLA is sent directly to editors; stylists that pull for commercials, video, television, and film; and PR firms that dress clients for the red carpet. LookBookLA is also designed for fashion forward thinkers who buy retail. As the seasons change LookBookLA stays it’s course leading the fashion industry.

Felix Salzman, Editor-In-Chief

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