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Los Angeles is a fashionable place year round best known for the creativity & spirit of it’s inhabitants from across the nation & around the world. We are celebrating our year round perfect weather and trends by posting the most fashionable Angelenos here. This includes celebrities, hipsters, beach cruisers, rock stars, and those in & out of “the scene”. Sometimes the most fashionable people are in the audience.

This page is edited by: Arali Melendez Photos by AM

05.13.10 Ninjasonik Secret Show @Freak City

Blast from blast! The 80’s inspired acid wash denim is seen everywhere worn by both men and women and paired with graphic tees and hoodies. The bright patterned jacket with ribbed leggings and a fanny-pack purse also reflect the 80’s retro style.

Printed jumpers are a must for the summer. This jumper goes from day to night quickly by adding a cute leather outwear piece.

05.08.10 HM Soundsystem @MountainBar

Amy from HM Soundsystem looks “beat” rocking an American Apparel two toned mini dress featuring a shear, sweetheart neckline, and form fitting nylon tricot bottom. As shown above it’s perfect layered with a custom fitted, sleeveless denim vest jacket.

Amy, a DJ and photographer, also utilizes her creative skills to create her own unique jewelry line.

Her half and half leggings, sheer in the front and opaque in the back, are reversible, undeniably fierce, and compliment the sheer neckline of her dress. Lets not forget her nude booties! Every girl should have a pair of flesh colored shoes to give more emphasize to the outfit.

This vintage inspired outfit looks chic with her blue headband and red clutch adding emphasis to her graphic print skirt. I love her vintage cat-eye glasses!

Written by: Yanique Gibbs

05.07.10 Hang the DJ @El Cid

This top is extremely daring but executed well in its delivery. Nicely put together she wears a floral printed bra under a sheer body suit.

This mini hat is covered in lace with an appliqué beading on the side.

I’m absolutely in love with these bold colored heels with black soles that match the flower pattern in her high waisted skirt.

Written by: Yanique Gibbs

05.06.10 Robert Vargas presents Red Zebra

Lets admit everyone dreams of having that perfect little black dress. The classic little black dress is the height of chicness amongst fashion goers. This trend has managed to evolve and slightly reinvent itself over the years. Never failing to make a statement the dress has now become sexier and shorter. As seen above, the sheer knit little black dress has the perfect amount of simplicity while adding variation in the shoulder ruching. The American Apparel little black dress has a pencil cut featuring a scoop back. Pictured above: Jowharah Jones
For you guys out their try pairing a tux jacket with tee or drop grouch pants with combat boots. And don’t be scared to add some jewelry as well.

She looks fashionable in a blazer, fishnet hat, and a houndstooth ¾ length skirt. The blazer, which is worn bare underneath, still manages to polish her look while incorporating the houndstooth pattern makes the skirt interesting and alluring to the eye. Possibly a “DIY”, she decided to use a fish net as a head accessory.

Written by: Yanique Gibbs

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